Michigan Property Buyers

Who else wants to sell their home in  72 hours or less, for cash and with no hassles?

Do you need to sell a home, property or real estate fast?

Do you have unwanted property and need to sell now?

Job transfer
Inherit an estate
Getting divorced
Listing expired
Bad renters
Offered a "short sale" by your bank
Want out of investment property
Negative equity
Vacant property
Making multiple house payments 
Just need to move on?

Do you need a buyer that will pay cash and close fast?

Dear Potential Property Seller,

We are Michigan Property Buyers, a group of Michigan investors looking to purchase distressed, REO, probate, estate, short sale, discounted and negative equity property in the Macomb and Oakland County area of Metro Detroit and Gladwin County.  We are also short sale specialists, so when your bank offers you a reduced buy out to save your credit...call us fast.

We help people with common real estate problems that can happen to anyone.  We help people in many difficult situations and any price range.  We try to help, when the others won't.   We pay CASH and close FAST! We can give you a fast sale, handle all the paperwork and make all the arrangements.  We can close in as quick as 24 hours, but typically less than 7 days, based upon the title company and bank timing.  

Once you contact us with the necessary information, we will quickly research the current wholesale market value and marketability of your property, and make you a "cash" offer based upon our findings.  As you know, we are investors and make offers based upon wholesale principles within the current Michigan market conditions.  We don't charge fees or take commissions.  Additionally, all of your dealings are kept private and confidential.

We are fair, fast, friendly and pay cash! 

If we can make a deal, we will close as quickly as possible to get you your money.  

We are interested in raw land, single family homes, vacation property, duplex's, small apartments, portfolio's of property, negotiating short sales and many other types of real estate.

We accept property that is pretty, ugly, in need of minor or major rehab and "as is".  We accept property that has renters, negative equity or land contracts.  We are ready to negotiate with your bank if they have  offered you a short sale option (discounted payoff in exchange for a satisafaction of debt).

We will try to assist you in any situation, but please remember we can't help everyone based upon market conditions and timing beyond our control


Michigan Property Buyers

P.S. We work with real estate from attorneys, realtors and real estate professionals that have property that needs to be liquidated quickly.